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Getting Started

Before first using Kolo nappies, we recommend you wash them at least once to increase absorbency.

How to use:

Place the insert inside the pocket of the nappy - both the nappy and insert need to be cleaned.


Place the insert on top of the pocket - only the insert needs to be washed.

For night time use, we recommend using the extra insert - one inside and one outside the pocket, for extra absorption. And for out and about, you can use the wet bag to store used nappies.

One-size fits all!

Kolo nappies are one-size fits all by using the snap buttons.

  • Top two rows are to fit snug around your baby's waist
  • Bottom three rows are for sizing
The top of the nappy should line up at or just below your baby's bellybutton.

Using the sizing snaps means the nappy is snug around their legs, ensuring there are no leaks.

You can increase the size of the nappy by changing the snap buttons you use.


Washing Kolo nappies is a stress free experience - No fuss here!

Just take out the insert before washing. If the nappy is soiled, flush the contents down the toilet before placing it in the washing machine.

Avoid using stain removers! If you do want to remove a stain, just squeeze some lemon juice on the stain and the nappy goes straight into the wash! Mother nature provides!

Avoid using fabric softeners and nappy barrier creams too.

Don't forget that after every wash the bamboo inserts become softer and more absorbent!